Two search methods are available:
(1) Search RefShare (Search field on the right): (entering free text) which allows only searches for literal terms. Since not all entries have been corrected after the Software migration in 2008, we recommend the Menu Search.
(2) Menu Search (Button in the RefShare menu on the left): It allows searches for the fields Author, Keyword [Descriptor], Periodical, and Publication date, as well as an Advanced Search.
RefWorks also has a HELP button which may be clicked to gain access to additional information while using the program.
The following fields can be specified using the Advanced Search. Hints for these fields and peculiarities associated with them are noted:

Author.(or Editor) Given in the order Lastname,Firstname. For some reason the software used omitted the space after the comma. Therefore it is best to search using only the last name, or to make sure that you also omit the space when employing the first name as well. When searches are conducted on the author field, RefWorks might also find entries in the Editor and Series Editor fields that contain the name.
Keyword [Descriptor]. A list of frequently used Keywords may be consulted through the Keyword [Descriptor] link. So far, only German keywords have been added to the references: the list gives the German translation for English words that you may be seeking. The list is not exclusive, and since some references were imported from other sites, English keywords and terms in other formats can be found occasionally as well. It is necessary to start with the first character of the term: numerous entries are found when searching for Lasker, but none are found for Schüler.
Periodical. Used when searching by journal title.
Publication Year. To search for entries from a single year, type only that year. To search for entries published between a range of years select the field Publication Year multiple times and connect the entries with "or" (e.g. Publication Year "2007" 'or' Publication Year "2006"). A maximum number of four years can be searched at one time.
The Advanced Search also allows for searching the following fields:

Title. Used to search for the title of a reference, or a portion of the title.

Abstract. Eventually we hope to annotate the Bibliography by providing more information in this category. At the moment coverage is incomplete.

Language (sometimes listed under other field categories as well). The language in which a reference was published is entered here. Names of the languages are given in German. A list of translations can be found at the Keywords [Descriptors] link.

Classification: The classification is listed here, e.g. scholarly literature, theater review, thesis, electronic source, etc. These terms are all entered in German, and a list of equivalents may found at the Keywords [Descriptors] link. A search that combines a request for Englisch and Primärliteratur could be used, for example, to find translations of works by Lasker-Schüler into English.

Edition. If a work has been reprinted elsewhere at a later date, this information is contained here.


Notes. May contain internal remarks for the bibliographers or additional information about the reference itself, often taken over when a reference has been imported from another library.
Important: Please note that the migration from an earlier software used (Endnote) is not yet complete, and therefore RefWorks fields might not be consistent at the moment. We ask for your patience until all entries are corrected.

Searches are not case specific, althought the search engine does understand only the German characters if those are used in search terms. In other words, Lasker-Schüler is understood, but not Lasker-Schuler . Characters from other languages may be entered by pressing the Alt-key while entering the following codes (or by copying and pasting):
ä    132    ö    148    ü    129    Ä    142    Ö    153    Ü    154    ß    225
é    130    è    138    ê    136     á    160     ô    147    
Reference ID. A number assigned to a reference when it is first placed into EndNote. Of statistical value only, it is probably not useful to most users. 
1. Mark the reference ID from the generated list that you wish to export.
2. Click on the Export button
A maximum of 50 records can be exported.
Web/URLs should appear as hot links in the display format.

Calvin Jones and Markus Hallensleben

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